PAU Listening Tests

Here you can find some Listening Tests from the Catalan region University entrance examinations. They are usually considered as B1 level listenings.


Animal Rights (PAU September 2005)

A Champion on two wheels (PAU June 2006) 

Sound of success (PAU September 2006)

The Best-seller Connection (PAU June 2007)

Meeting an old friend (PAU September 2007)

Michael Palin: the “travelling comedian” (PAU June 2008)

A better World (PAU September 2008)

Svalbard – the Land beyond the North Cape (PAU June 2009)

Gourmet Garbage (PAU September 2009)

Butter, bread and green cheese… (PAU June 2010)

A Journalist in the slaughterhouse (PAU September 2010)

Lost… or maybe not (PAU June 2011)

The end of the World train (PAU September 2011)

Is Hollywood in crisis? (June 2012)

Interview with Steven Spencer (PAU September 2012) 

 Smiling Indians (PAU June 2013)

Vegetarianism (PAU September 2013)

Do schools destroy creativity? (PAU June 2014)

The best advice (PAU September 2014) 

Interview with a Champion ( PAU June 2015)

Hearing Dogs (September 2015)

Interview with a scriptwriter (PAU June 2016)

Building for a better World (PAU September 2016)

Does handwriting have a future? (PAU June 2017)

Salvador Dalí’s cookbook (PAU September 2017)

Interview with a dancer (PAU June 2018)

U.S. National Parks: Yellowstone (PAU September 2018)

Moby-Duck’: When 28,800 Bath Toys Are Lost At Sea(PAU June 2019)

Does High School Start Too Early?(PAU September 2019)

We’ll be on Mars again! (PAU June 2020)

Counting The Bugs And Bacteria, You’re ‘Never Home Alone’ (PAU September 2020)

Goalball, a Unique Sport (PAU June 2021)

Karen Blixen, A life made for film ( PAU September 2021)

The surprising History of Handwashing (PAU June 2022)

3,2,1… Slam!: Poetry comes to the stage (PAU September 2022)

The rise of pregnant Stand-up (PAU June 2023)

Juanita. The Inca mummy (PAU September 2023)