The surprising History of Handwashing (PAU June 2022)

In this radio programme you are going to hear some new words. Read and listen to them.
Make sure you know what they mean.
go delirious / ward / midwife / puzzling / aisle
Now read the questions. Read them carefully before listening to the radio programme.

After the listening exercise you can check your answers by reading the script.


Interviewer: We take it for granted now that washing our hands is a tool to fight disease. But somebody had to discover that, and most of the credit goes to a Hungarian doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis. How did he come to realize that handwashing was so important for our health? To answer that, we’ve invited Dr. Diana Tulane, a professor of the history of medicine at Purdue University in Indiana who has studied Ignaz Semmelweis, to our program.

the script.

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