The Best-seller Connection (PAU June 2007)

PRESENTER: Good evening, dear fellow listeners and welcome again to our daily programme “The Waves of Enigma”. A programme for those who love suspense… on the waves. This evening we are privileged to have in our studio one of the most popular writers of mystery fiction and suspense books. Let us welcome Donna Black, author of the best seller “The Gioconda Connection”, the famous title which has been translated into more than twenty languages, and is soon to be turned into a Hollywood film directed by Steve Gameberg. Good evening, Donna.

In this radio programme your are going to hear some new words. Read and listen to them. Make sure you know what they mean.

simplistic · catchy · reliable · maintenance work

After the listening exercise you can check your answers by reading the script.

Now read the questions. Read them carefully before listening to the conversation.


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