Salvador Dalí’s cookbook (PAU September 2017)

In the following conversation you are going to hear some new words. Read and listen to them. Make sure you know what they mean.
gold-leaf · velvet · peacock · to clog · lean · canvas

After the listening exercise you can check your mistakes by reading  the script

Salvador Dalí's Cookbook(PAU September 2017)

If you’re of a certain age or if you love surrealist art, then you probably remember Salvador Dalí. He was widely known for his celebrity persona, his pointy mustache and
his paintings filled with melting clocks and exotic deserts. But did you know that Dali also enjoyed exotic desserts? Turns out that the artist published a cookbook in the
early 1970s. It was called “Les Diners De Gala” or “The Dinners of Gala,” named for his wife. In the following interview, journalist Hank Ghazi talks to publisher Alexi
Horowitz, who is preparing a facsimile of the original.


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