According to writer Mark Harris, Hollywood is in deep crisis. He says that the atmosphere in the movie-making capital of the world is so cautious that most executives are afraid to try new formulas. So moviegoers are left with a continuous repetition of the same titles. This year alone, Hollywood has produced “Spy Kids 4,” “Final Destination 5,” more “Harry Potter,” more “Pirates of the Caribbean,” more and more of what we’ve seen before. There are common themes that both filmmakers and brands return to, time and time again.

In his book, Mark Harris asks: How did we get here? Today he has been invited to talk to reporter Barbara Walker about his recent article “The Day the Movies Died” and maybe he will be able to answer that question for us.

After the listening exercise you can check your answers by reading the script.

In this radio programme you are going to listen to hear some new words. Read and listen to them. Make sure you know what they mean.
to market · brand (movie) · appeal · neglected · garbage · assume
Ready? Now read the questions on the next page. Read them carefully before listening to the radio programme.

Look at number 0 as an example.
0.  Mark Harris thinks Hollywood is in trouble because..

· moviegoers are cautious to try new repetitions.

X · executives don’t want to risk new formulas.

· There will not be anymore Pirates of the Caribbean.

· the atmosphere is in continuous repetition.